What are the best money counting machine brands?

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In a  business which handles abundance of money in cash format, you require to have a money counter on your sales counter. Research shows that clients who purchase goods and services from small and medium-sized businesses are more probable to pay in cash rather than by electronic cash formats for example credit cards or mobile money. This presents a challenge for proprietors of such businesses though.

Counting huge amounts of cash by hand surely leads to human errors and can lead to great losses for the business. What is more, it is feasible that some of the money received may be in the form of counterfeit bills. A good money counter will virtually remove both risks while costing you very little in a one-off investment.

After months of annalysis seeing different sites on internet, we have made a list of top 10 money counting machine brands. Please proceed further to know more about each and ever brand of these money counting machines. All the machines listed in our article in initially tested & then posted.

Top 10 Money Counting Machine brands:

  1. SToK Cash Count Machine
  2. OOZE Cash Count Machine
  3. Swaggers Cash Count Machine
  4. Gobbler Cash Count Machine
  5. STROB Cash Count Machine
  6. Bambalio Cash Count Machine
  7. KROSS Cash Count Machine
  8. Godrej Cash Count Machine
  9. BME Cash Count Machine
  10. Mycica Cash Count Machine

Now have a comprehensive details of the above mentioned brands, so that you can choose it according to your necessity.

10. Mycica Cash Count Machine

With a motto to satisfy the diversified necessities and demands of our customers, we are actively betrothed in providing a finest quality array of Mycica Cash Counting Machine. Our provided range of products is greatly appreciated and demanded by our customers for their hardness and high durability. Our vendors’ committed professionals use premium quality components and modular techniques to manufacture.


  •  Best performance.
  • Competitive rates
  •  Correct dimensions

9. BME Cash Count Machine

This machine offers one of the most aesthetic and modern designs on today’s market. An equally magnificient set of features adds on to the overall value to earn it a favorable reputation among current users. Let’s survey what it has in store.

A smooth, black and gray casing house a familiar setup of the main components. The top holds the hopper at the backend whereas the entire controls and display are set at the front end. The display design removes the need for multiple displays as it is retractable and can be rotated in space.

The display type is LCD and provides sufficient space to accommodate all the information to do with counting modes, detection systems, and all the features to do with automation.

Five control buttons lie adjacent to the display to provide control of all the functions relating to counting modes, start and stop automation as well as detection systems. In addition, the machine comes with a separate display to provide additional flexibility and convenience during use.


  • Capacity: Up to 300 notes. Supports entire INR notes comprising recent 50, 200, 500 and 2000 notes.
  • Speed: 1000 notes/ minute.
  • Counterfeit and defective note detection: It includes Motor Thread (MT), UV and Magnetic technology for a complete detection system.
  • Counting Modes: Combines entire three modes; Value, Add and Batch.
  • Display: It comes with inbuilt and separate LCD displays to boost flexibility and convenience.
  • Automation features: It incorporates automatic self-check, start and stop functionality.
  • Warranty: 1-year term.

8. Godrej Cash Count Machine

CountCash brings to you a range of currency note counting machines to cater to all your currency necessities. From counting, to counterfeit detection and authentication, Godrej’s cash counting machine is what you require for correct and efficient counting of loose notes, swiftly. Our fake note detector machines not only detects fake notes but also counts old and new notes with high level of accuracy and speed. So count on our range of currency counting machines for easy and safe cash management.

 It has an extra display to help you work better. The machine performs a self-check of the entire sensors once powered on. It automatically begins once the notes are fed into the feeder. The batching facility makes it perfect to make payments and prepare bundles of loose notes. It helps you to work quicker instead of manual counting. Design It can be placed, stored at your work place without difficulty, without taking too much space. Its distinctive design makes fit anywhere with ease. Being compact, it becomes very simple to carry along and handle without any difficulty. Also, it comprises hassle free operation, hence increasing effectiveness as well as efficiency. It is incorporated with an additional display unit for your convenience. The functions are simple to understand and the interface is user friendly. This ultraviolet and magnetic sensor detects fake notes right on the counter to prevent further embarrassment or confusion. It largely helps in saving you time and labour. Manual counting consumes much of your work time, whereas this smart counter helps you to save on time without errors. The software is upgradable and thus this function helps you to keep the machine updated


Counting Speed (sheets/min): 1000

Pre 2005 India Note Detection: Yes

Bundle Counting: No

Counterfeit Alarm: No

Warranty: 1 Year

Model Name: Crusader Lite

7. KROSS Cash Count Machine

Kross is another supreme name in the industry with an excellent range of products in all the price ranges. The Kross provides one of the most revered options in the mid-range because of the balance it provides between price and value. First-rate counting speed, capacity, and detection system are among some of the highlights. Let’s give it a look.

The entire design does not fall short of a touch of professionalism and authencity prevalent in most high and mid-range devices.

The hopper and control center is placed on top, where the hopper offers a feeding portal at the backend whereas the control interface is placed in front. The control interface comprises of a touchpad and an LCD display.


  • Capacity: The hopper can hold up to 300 notes.
  • Speed: 1000 notes/ minute.
  • Counting Modes: It features add and batch counting modes.
  • Warranty: 1 year term.

6. Bambalio Cash Count Machine

This currency counting machine uses magnetic sensor and UV light to discover duplicates, cut notes and chain notes easily. It even show the information of waste notes on the monitor.

Another good thing is that it can count the USB (american dollars) without any difficulty and supports entire INR denominations starting from Rs.10 to Rs.2000 and new Rs.50 and Rs.200 notes. Other features comprise automatic start/stop, batching and self-examination.


  • Automatic half note detection
  • With batching assing and self examination function
  • Automatic start stop and clearing
  • Appropriate for most currencies in the world
  • Automatic detecting with UV (ultra violet)

Automatic detect by MG (magnetic)

5. STROB Cash Count Machine

The STROB Cash Count Machine is one of the most advanced currency counter with UV light & magnetic sensors to detect fake, torn and double notes and automatically stops when it finds one.

It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and comprises multiple features such as batching, adding and self-examination.

It could hold up to 300 notes at a time.

It looks stylish and is perfect for places where the cash handling is high.

It supports both old and new currency notes.


  • It is fully automatic machine.
  • Compatible with currency along with note detection.
  • Loose Notes/Cash /Currency Counter Machine

4. Gobbler Cash Count Machine

Gobbler Cash Count Machine is the elegant looking machine with the features of fake note detection. It has the audi alarm which detect fake note. It moreover has an additional  batch mode & add more. This machine has 4 digit graphic display. The brand provides 1 year of warranty on parts and labor.

Description: Portable, LCD Display, Speaking Model, Heavy Duty Currency Counter with Fake Note Detector


Detection Technology: UV Sensor, Magnetic Sensor

Detects Fake Note

Detects Duplicate Note

Detects Cut Note

Detects Chain Note

3. Swaggers Cash Count Machine:

Swaggers Cash Count Machine is renowned brand. Offering you a complete option of products which comprise money counting machine, sw touch panel mix value currency counting machine, fully automatic currency counting machine, heavy duty currency counting machine, swaggers heavy duty loose note counting machine and mix note counting machine.


Money counting machine

updated with all new notes

best accuracy note counting machine

fake note checker

lcd display note counting machine

2. OOZE Cash Count Machine

First Class features and functionality combine with an aesthetic build to earn the machine best-seller status on major online stores. A few moments of consideration on the machine must serve our time well.

The setup is quite similar to all top notch machines. A smooth, white and gray design hold a top placed Hopper and user interface while the dispenser is located underneath.  The user interface comprises of an LCD display and a set of inbuilt control buttons placed just adjacent to the screen.


Capacity: The hopper can hold equale to 300 notes per cycle.

Speed: It competes with entire top range products with a speed of 1000 note/ minute.

Counterfeit detection: It uses UV and magnetic technology to find both counterfeits and defective notes.

Counting modes: It includes Batch and Add counting modes.

Self-check: It features an Automatic self-checking mechanism and other functions for example auto start and stop.

Display: As stated above, the machine features an LCD display placed at the front end of the upper deck at a convenient angle.

Warranty:  Warranty period is 1 year.

1.  Stok Cash Count Machine:

Last but not the least, Stok Cash Count Machine holds the number one position in our article. Stok Currency counting machine is alike to the Ooze currency counting machine in terms of design and operation efficiency.


  • Can count any kind of denominations.
  • Counts at a speed of 1000 notes per minute.
  • Automatic start and stop functions.
  • It has 2 display screens. One in the device and the other which can be placed customer-facing.
  • Rubber wheel for calm note flip.
  • Comes with a dust free cover and a brush to clean
  • Adjustable hopper for different note stacking capacities
  • Extra fuse in case of emergencies


  1. Q) How can I count my money fast?
  2. A) Follow the steps in sequential order:
  3. Separate your stacks by denomination. …
  4. Adjust the bills so that they’re all facing the similar direction. …
  5. Count each bill as you pass it from one hand to the other. …
  6. Wrap a rubber band around a stack once you reach 50 bills. …
  7. Add up entire banded stacks and leftover bills.
  8. Q) What normally causes counting errors?
  9. A) Errors are generally caused by a range of system malfunctions. These comprise inefficiencies in sensors and the feeding mechanism.
  10. Q) How does the counter report errors?
  11. A) Errors are generally displayed on the screen through a specific error code on the display.


That’s the end of the list of top 10 note counting machine fake note detector feature. They not only save your precious time counting large sums of money in minutes but also save you from the mental trauma of finding counterfeit notes without any difficulty.

Godrej Crusader Lite

Rs. 21,000
Rs. 12,860
 in stock
12 new from Rs. 12,850
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Loose Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detect
  • Automatic Detection With UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Megnetic), And IR (Infra-Red) With Big TFT Screen Display. Automatic Start, Stop And Clearing
  • Customer needs to just check whether the UV and MG button is on also it is very important how the placement of notes are being done in pocket. If the currency notes are not kept properly in pocket it would not count the notes properly

Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine (Grey)

Rs. 7,999
Rs. 6,542
 in stock
4 new from Rs. 6,542
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • USD and euro detection along with mg detection, uv detection, ir detection
  • Works with currency issued by RBI continuous working for 2 hours
  • Display colour change for error and has automatic currency feeding function automatic counting, preset counting, automatic self checking
  • Half notes detection, double currency detection, counterfeit alarm prevent clamp
  • Counting speed is 900 notes/min

Kores Easy Count 442 Currency Counting Machine - Silver

Rs. 10,490
Rs. 8,100
 in stock
9 new from Rs. 8,001
Free shipping
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Works with new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes
  • Supports USD, INR, EUR Currencies
  • Continuous Working for 5 Hours
  • Counting Speed : 900 notes/ minute
  • MG, UV, IR Detection

ooze Currency Counting Machine (White)

Rs. 6,999
Rs. 5,426
 in stock
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Automatic detecting UV and MG while counting Suitable for most currencies
  • Automatic start and stop Batch, adding and self examination functions
  • Display Type : LED
  • Automatic half note detection Voltage: 110V, 50~60Hz
  • Detection Technology:Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensor, Watermark Sensor

swaggers Crusader Lite Note Counting Machine

Rs. 21,990
Rs. 13,800
 out of stock
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Counting Machine
  • Suitable for banks
  • Easy to use

ooze Detector Note Counting Machine (White)

 out of stock
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Counting Speed - 600 notes/min
  • Detection Technology- Magnetic Sensor, UV Sensor, Watermark Sensor
  • Easy to use, save time and labor cost
  • Power Requirement- 100 - 240V 50 / 60Hz AC
  • Power Source - AC / DC Adapter

Godrej Security Solutions ACE Cube - WiFi Home Cameras

Rs. 3,499  in stock
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Material: Plastic, Color: White ; For Indoor, Outdoor Use
  • Package Contents: 1 N Camera Unit, 2 N Install Screws, 3 N Glue Plug, 4 N Position Stickers
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided from date of purchase
  • Smart Phone Viewing: Wherever you are, you can see what the cameras see, with the EVE app, you can watch a live stream of your premises, take pictures and even record footage
  • Wifi Enabled: Always connected to the internet and to your smartphone, Night Vision: See crystal clear, black and white images even in complete darkness with Infra-Red LEDs

Stok Compatible with Old and New Indian Notes Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector with LCD Display and Beep Function

Rs. 6,999
Rs. 6,300
 in stock
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Counting Speed - >1000pcs/min. Detects Fake Note (Old & New Currency)
  • It counts all old and new denomination of INR- Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 & 2000 and detecting counterfeit /fake notes as well. Can Also Be Used For USD, Euro, etc.
  • Automatic detecting fake note with UV (Ultraviolet) & MG (Magnetic) IR (Infrared) while counting.
  • Automatic half note detection & double note. Hopper Capacity - 130pcs & Stacker Capacity - 130pcs
  • Note: Warranty will be provided to the customers who have bought a product from the original brand owner "STOK" , If the bundle of notes is not properly arranged in stacker then there is a possibility that note can get jammed" and "Follow user manual instructions

Godrej Security Solutions Seethru HD IR CCTV Camera (2MP, GODREJ2MP2DOME)

Rs. 2,259
Rs. 1,999
 out of stock
12 new from Rs. 1,999
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Lens Housing Material: Plastic$CMOS Sensor AHD / TVI / CVI / CVBS Output$It is a 3.6 mm Fixed Lens

STROB ST-5000 Acu-Count Fully Automatic Bill Counter Machine

 out of stock
as of July 15, 2021 9:07 am


  • Loose Notes/Cash /Currency Counter Machine
  • It is fully automatic machine
  • Compatible with currency along with note detection

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